Trail Marker


701 40th Avenue, Meridian, MS

One of Meridian’s oldest cemeteries is Rose Hill. Much of our history was shaped by those resting here. The oldest grave marker dates back to 1853, but burials were most likely taking place prior to that date. Here you will find the graves of city founders, prominent citizens, veterans of various wars and even the King and Queen of the Gypsies.

The highest point in Rose Hill Cemetery is the Confederate burial mound, located near the back of the grounds. One hundred soldiers who died at the Confederate hospital in Meridian are buried in this mound. This was not their original resting place. They were moved here when their graves were discovered during the construction of Meridian’s first high school. In 1890, Lieutenant Charles W. Read, known as the “John Paul Jones of the Confederate Navy,” was added to the mound. His wife, Nebraska Carter Read, who wanted to be buried beside her husband, is the only woman buried here.

The cemetery is open to the public, and private guided tours are available by request. Once a year the cemetery hosts a costumed tour where local storytellers, historians and other volunteers dress up and tell the stories of some of the cemetery’s more famous residents.

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