Lauderdale Springs

Trail Marker

9474 Kewanee Road, Lauderdale, MS

Lauderdale Springs was once a popular resort area featuring a hotel and spa. The natural springs in the area were said to have “curative” powers. During the Civil War the resort was transformed into a Confederate hospital. The railroad spur that once brought visitors to the area now brought wounded soldiers.

Those who died here are memorialized in the Lauderdale Springs Confederate-Union Cemetery. There are markers for 1,100 soldiers – 1,020 Confederate and 80 Union. However, local historians do not believe any Union soldiers are buried in this area. A kiosk at the site identifies the names of approximately 800 soldiers who are remembered here.

Confederate President Jefferson Davis visited Lauderdale Springs in October 1863. His brother Joseph and sister-in-law Eliza settled here after their home on Davis Bend (now Davis Island), Mississippi, was destroyed. During their stay, Eliza Davis died and was buried in the cemetery across the road. After the war, her body was exhumed and carried home to Davis Island.

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